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    Navigation using ADDT and PHP

      I am looking for a little help in the navigation area.

      I have a site that i wish to have the nav links pull content from a db and display it in a specific DIV.

      Using the Repeat Region I have the links already being pulled from the db and displayed where i want them. I also have them showing the correct link when i hover over them. I am just missing the part where when you click the link, it pulls the assigned content and echos it in another DIV without refreshing the entire page.

      The part I am stuck on is how to get the get the content to echo out where i need it to when that link is clicked. It just is not as easy as dragging over a recordset insert, whoa is me.

      In short, I am stuck in how to use DW to get the content to display.

      Will I have to handcode the PHP or is there a way for DW to ne coxed into doing this for me?

      Thanks for your time.