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    Retreving Data to display in Generated Email

      Hi All,

      I hope someone can help with this little problem I have as been re-designing to optomise websites.

      Here goes.

      On the registration page i have 4 website banners for people to purchase.

      When anyone registered with the site they received the 2 automated emails

      Welcome & Activation

      On the registration page I had 4 sep recordsets to display the website banners which pulled the info from the database.

      e.g. rsAdBan1, rsAdBan2, 3, 4

      Now I have changed the recordsets to just one using a session veri to display the results of the banners for the site that they belong to using a repeat region.

      Another Recordset rsCMS has all the key info for each site with unique ID which is where the SITEID (SESSION VERI) comes from.

      so the recordset now checks session veri SITEID with DB to show only the results for that website.

      Before i went on my mission to stream line my sites I used the output record sets which were copied into the HTML email e.g below.

      So before each banner was pull

      Now only the first banner is pulled because in HTML it only sees the first result.

      CODE ***************

      OLD CODE FROM OLD HTML EMAIL (this sent the DB info images, text, etc) to the person who contacted, registered, etc.




      CODE END **********

      So before I continue with my mission I need to understand if

      1. You can do repeat region in HTML emails to pull all the results of the 4 banners.

      2. If yes how can it be done??

      3. Is it easy to do or should I return to the original plan with the 4 RS to pull each banner.

      I really hope someone can help me with this.

      Here are 2 sites for you to see

      1. BradfordNetworks.co.uk - Working on the original design
      The contact us page works so you can see how it is currently sending.

      2. Lincolnshirenetworks.org.uk - The new test design - NOT COMPLETE
      The contact us page works so you can see how it is currently NOT sending correctly.

      I have to give thanks to the other people who have helped me out in the past also.

      So a big thank you to you all.