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      Hello Everyone...

      Building a multiple style website is amazing thing, where you can have a new look for your website every day, or even everytime you want your website fully changed from style to another, and give the ability to your website visitors to pick one of available styles they comfortable with.

      Today herein this tutorial we will learn how to build a dynamically switched style website application, and i mean dynamically here by storing a number of styles into the database table by uploading more than one [.css] files to your server throught File manipulation process, then define which one of these styles is the default one, the default style automatically checked when every page loaded in the browser by checking an external file contains the default style information set by the site administrator.

      After complete this tutorial you will be able to:

      1- Uploading new style to your website by using easy Online Upload script.
      2- Updating curent style files.
      3- Choose which style is the default style and which is not.
      4- Allow visitors to select one of available styles to switch the whole site look to it.

      Note: you cannot define more than one default style, otherwise you will get un stylized page at all.

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      Best Regards
      Waleed Barakat
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