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    dependent drop down menu stores IDs rather than values

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      I still have some trouble concerning dependent drop down menus, that leave me rather puzzled...

      I use the insert record wizard and create a form that has two select tags. Both are menus, once for category the other one for a subcategory. Both are dynamic getting their labels and values from a table in the same mysql database each. If I choose dependent drop down from the addt menu the two select tags are picked up but the dependent drop down never works.

      If I use the dependent drop down wizard, I get two extra menus underneath the already existing form and that dependent drop down menu does work. I can then copy the two select atgs and replace the one in the original form from the insert record wizard.


      The dependent drop down menu from the dependent drop down wizard does insert only the primary IDs into the table and not the values.

      Is there a way to have a drop down menu that does store the values and not the IDs?

      Cheers Juergen