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    dependent required field


      I have an update page for a record that I did create using the update record wizard. Most fields are required and I have used the easy and great third page of the wizard to specify the required fields and put down custom error messages for the user.

      I have two fields that are only required if the user has checked yes in a radio group which is part of the same form. initially I have tried to put in an if-statement around the requirement definition using the database fields but of course that will not work since the record is only updated if the form has been processed.

      Then I thought I could check on "$_POST['funds'] == 1", where funds is the database field of the radio group to check on. But that will result in a requirement whether yes or no is checked in the radio group.

      Is there a way to check on the users choice in the form and implement this dependent requirement feature?

      Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

      Cheers Juergen