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    multiple file upload problem


      Thanks to the great tips from tips forum I am close to get my site into beta status...

      BUT: :-)

      I would like the user to add data files that will be connected to each record. Since I don't know how many file the users will be uploading per record I thought I would go with the "multiple file upload" server behavior.

      I have a couple of questions and a major problem:

      1. Where in the database record is the data subdir stored to which the files will be copied? I am never asked for a field in the record set to store the path in... (like I would if I chose the "upload file" behavior)

      2. how do I get the files back? the upload windows supposedly would show me the files but does not offer a link to download... (was only able to test that by manually coping a file to a folder, see problem 4)

      3. I would like to separate the files in subdirs. The only option is to create a subdir by record id!? But my record will be transfered from table1 to table2 and the id will change after that transfer. Will the record still be connected to the file datadir? Would be if the subdir aka id would be stored elsewhere in the record.... see question 1...

      4. How do I make that server behavior work? I can insert the behavior all right, the link works, the upload window opens, if I chose a file, the upload splash screen with progress bars shows briefly but no files are ever uploaded, only the subdir according to record id is created... but it is empty...

      the permissions on the datadir are fort testing purposes 777. The subdir is created according to includes/common/KT_config.inc.php:

      $KT_file_mode = "777";
      $KT_folder_mode = "755";

      I get the following error in the apache error log file:

      [Fri Oct 24 19:55:49 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/helmerj/public_html/order/php/includes, referer: http://localhost/~helmerj/order/php/approve_order.php?id=36

      Bummer that is not telling me, which file is missing...

      I have the all server includes modules uptodate (version 1.0.0)

      Anybody able to shed some light on some of my problems?

      Thanks in advance!
      Cheers Juergen
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          Is nobody using this server behavior or has at least a tip on how to get this to work?

          I don't understand why this is not working. I have tried all types of things and there is never any file uploaded.

          Uploading a single file to the same subdirectory just works fine, which leads me to the conclusion that I am either too stupid to get this to work (the documentation doesn't help at all here I might add) or the server behavior is simply not working. Does any body have a step by step tutorial including permissions on directories...

          Cheers Juergen