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    File upload java errors...HEEELPPP!

      All was working fine for months, now getting java errors in my ADDT. Mostly related to file uploads, or image uploads. I found that I don't get these errors in older sites that I've worked with, but I've created a new site and started from scratch and I'm still getting them.

      Here are the errors and what I'm doing:

      *I go insert record form wizard (in ADDT)
      *One field is a date, others are text, one is an integer, one is a file field

      That works ok up to here.

      *Then I choose ADDT > File upload. I get the following error immediately: "While executing canApplyserverBehavior in kb_FileUpload.htm, a javascript error occured."
      *I click ok, the wizard box attempts to load and it give me the error: "While executing onLoad in kb_FileUpload.htm, the following javascript errors occured:

      At line 354 of the file "Macintosh HD:Applications:Adobe Dreamweaver CS3:Configuration:Shared:DeveloperToolbox:classes:triggerUtil.js":
      TypeError: hash[transactionColumn[k]].push is not a fuction.

      I'm totally tearing my hair out, not to mention not hitting deadlines with this... can anyone help. I've tried removing the fileCache, rebuilding the site cache, removing and rebuilding the includes folder, removing and reinstalling ADDT. HEEEEEELLLLLPPP.