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    Layered Login?

      Came across this situation for the first time today.

      Client needs a login system
      that has another login system inside it

      Curious if this was a suitable approach?

      Classroom situation
      data needs to be collected from students
      but only when a teacher is logged in
      data for each student needs to be tied to logged in teacher

      students need to be able to log in and out
      while the teacher is logged in

      so the log out needs to know if its a teacher or student logging out

      created a separate session variable to flag a teacher login (set by custom trigger at login if user level = teacher)
      this extra session variable value is= user_id of teacher

      this gets placed on every student record insert/update

      another trigger on log out test to see if its the teacher logging out and then unset login sessions
      otherwise just log out students login session variables

      when teacher logs out - all data areas available to student are hidden

      unless anyone has any better ideas?