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    date picker button not displaying

      I have a strange problem affecting only Mozilla Firefox (latest version). This does nt happen on any other browser.
      The problem is that when i insert the date picker and save the page it will display correctly i.e. there will be a button inserted after the field that will correctly call the date picker. However if i then close down Mozilla and re-open the page, the button will not be displayed. In Firebug it is telling me that i have an error in MXW_SmartDate on line 166 of "Kore is not defined".
      As i said this does not affect any other browser. I have re-created this on a single page with one field so i know it is not anything to do with any CSS positioning issues or any other code in my form.

      Any help would be much appreciated.
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          Waleed Barakat Level 1
          Hi, make sure these files are located in your page: <br />================ <br /><?php<br />//MX Widgets3 include<br />require_once('includes/wdg/WDG.php');<br />?> <br />==================================== <br />between the head tags: <br />==================================== <br />includes/common/js/sigslot_core.js <br />includes/common/js/base.js <br />includes/common/js/utility.js <br />includes/wdg/classes/MXWidgets.js <br />includes/wdg/classes/MXWidgets.js.php <br />includes/wdg/classes/Calendar.js <br />includes/wdg/classes/SmartDate.js <br />includes/wdg/calendar/calendar_stripped.js <br />includes/wdg/calendar/calendar-setup_stripped.js <br />includes/resources/calendar.js <br />includes/skins/mxkollection3.css <br />=================================================== <br />__ <br />Best Regards <br />Waleed Barakat <br />Developer-Online Creator and programmer <br />http://www.developer-online.com