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    login transaction fails with invalid username

      I feel kind of foolish writing this, but here goes...

      I've used ADDT's login wizard 10s of times. It's easy. But now suddenly, on a site no different that many others I've built, the transaction fails with invalid username.

      The row for the "invalid" username is very much valid, that is it quite thoroughly exists.

      The table used is none other than Gunter's nice registration table.

      There are no tricks. No oddities. Just a straight login transaction.

      Not encrypting the password. All the fields have acceptable types and character lengths.

      The transaction fails on an After trigger not in the code:

      + AFTER.Trigger_Login_CheckLogin*

      * tNG_login.executeTransaction
      o STARTER.Trigger_Default_Starter
      o tNG_login.doTransaction
      + BEFORE.Trigger_Default_FormValidation
      + tNG_login.prepareSQL
      + tNG_login.executeTransaction - execute sql
      + AFTER.Trigger_Login_CheckLogin*
      * tNG_login.getRecordset
      * tNG_login.getFakeRsArr
      * tNG_login.getLocalRecordset
      * tNG_login.getFakeRecordset
      * tNG_login.getFakeRecordset

      Since the whole login procedure is so simple and transparent, I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot this error.

      Any ideas from anyone?

      Thank you in advance.