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    Multiple File Upload - "Internal Error. Session expired."


      Please HELP!!!!

      I am about to deliver a page to a customer but I still can't get the multiple file upload server behavior to work.
      The multiple upload feature is a specific request by the customer, so right now I am in trouble here...

      So I have an insert record page created using the wizard. I have added a "multiple file upload behavior". I get two outcomes, depending on the server I use:

      1. Local machine as a test server (OpenSuse 11 using firefox 3 on linux to browse the pages, Flash version installed: 9.0 r124).

      I choose a file to upload and then the flash progress window shows for a split second and then nothing happens. Looking at the base directory, a new subdir is created but is empty.

      2. Novel SLES server, same browser to check pages...

      I get an "Internal Error. Session expired." and on the server the subdir is created but is empty as well. I read a post here that I should try to comment out the

      die (Internal Error...)

      in the according php file but that leads to no uploaded files and then an empty page in the uploader window...

      I don't understand why this is not working. Is there any more documentation available? I can't find anything on the net. Should I try a different version of flash?

      The file uploading was one of the main reasons to start using ADDT and now this is not working at all.

      I really don't want to hand code a file uploader this would be a nightmare in combination with the insert record function...

      Cheers Juergen