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    Overall Help with Toolkit

      Hello all,

      I really did not know where to search on this as my issues are a bit wide-spread. I am by no means a database expert so I am trying to use ADTK to achieve what I need. I am hoping for some help and direction.

      I have an admin app for a website that needs the following functionality:

      Add users with all associated address, email password info, along with the ability to assign an access level of admin, member or guest. As well, I need to assign each member, access to 1 or more locations and as well, at each location, access up to three services available at each location (always the same choice of services at each location).

      I have created a database in which I have a users table, which houses all of the user info, a locations table which simply has the names of the locations (8 locations) and a services table, which houses the three services. I also have a linking table (many-to-many) to link the users table with the locations table and the services table.

      I have been trying initially to do a couple of things with ADTK. First create an insert form to insert the user data to the users table as well as the locations and services assignments to the linking table. To do this, I have created a an insert form to initially insert the users data and then subsequently have applied the many-to-many wizard to try to include the locations and services data. So, I have selected the linking table and initially used the users table as the master with the locations table as the details. then, I added the services table as a supplementary table but I cannot seem to get ADTK to update the linking table at all .. although it does add the user.

      As well, I am trying to do a simple listing of the members in the dB usinng the dynamic list and details wizards but all it does is throw MySQL errors. Very frustrating.

      I would appreciate it, as I am under the gun here, if someone knowledgeable on ADTK with Dreamweaver, and who has some time could give me some input here. I have dB diagrams if needed and have access to the staging server. Again, I sincerely appreciate any help possible.

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          Just an update ... it seems that one of my problems at least is that in the insert form, the supplemental field is not a simple field or checkbox but rather, a multiselect list. This is so because the chosen location can have one two or three services selected as well. So the link table might not understand the multiselect list?

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            Waleed Barakat Level 1
            Hi Mr. Dave

            you can have a full help by reading this tutorial which is talking about:
            :: Building Membership system ::

            I hope this help...

            Best Regards
            Waleed Barakat
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              Thanks but this really is not the same as my problem. I am using 4 tables and a many-to-many relationship. I have not problem with implementing a structure such as suggested in the tutorial. It seems there is no way to upload images to this forum, otherwise I cluld show examples of my structure ... and my problem.

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                Günter Schenk Level 4
                Hi David,

                I´ve been racking my brain over your pretty complicated issue -- so far to no avail, lol :-)

                It seems there is no way to upload images to this forum

                no, but you could post links to images on your server.

                question: are you storing e.g. the associated "locations" and "services" as comma-separated values in e.g. additional columns in your users table ?

                Günter Schenk
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                  Hi Gunter,

                  It would be best to post the images (I have them on my server). This would make it much easier to explain. Are links created using standard markup or is there something different on this forum?


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                    OK .. I am hoping these images work as there is also no way to preview the post.

                    This is the dB diagram. Please note that I am using now, a modified version of this where everything except for the linking table and the airports and services table is combined into the users table.

                    this is the insert form:

                    I will post explanations of these in a minute.

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                      OK .. with reference to the diagrams and images in the previous message. My issue is that I am having trouble inserting the proper id numbers into the usersairportservices table. This is because I cannot get my head around the fact that for every airport the user has access to, he might also have access to 1, 2 or all 3 services for that airport. So, while we are entering in only one user, that usr_id might have to get entered into the userairportservices table three time with the associated airport and services id, all in one insertion. Maybe this cannot be done like this or maybe, I have to add another many-to-many relationship between the services table and the airports table rather than combining them into one many-to-many relationship.

                      I am pretty confused about it all so any help is most definitely appreciated. And none of the tutorials really seem to apply to this situation.


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                        OK .. since no one has responded ... I am hoping it was because I was not rational or clear with my last posts.

                        Usnging psuedo-code, this is the insert I am trying to achieve with ADTK:

                        $user_id = insert user
                        foreach airport checked
                        foreach(servicechecked for airport)
                        insert userairportservice
                        $user_id - from above
                        $service_id - checkbox
                        $airportid - airport from the loop

                        I have tried this using the many-to-many feature, choosing users table as the main table, the airports table as the details table and the services_id (also tried the services_id_services from the linking table) as the supplemental field. See the diagrams and example of form from my previous post (Nov 11).

                        Again .. I would appreciate any help I can get with this.