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    many "many-to-many-" questions ;)

      Hello everyone,

      1 - I am trying to use two many-to-many transactions on the same page. Everything seems to be working except that the supplemental fields are not inserting or updating into the database. No error is being returned.

      2 - Is there a way to validate the data that is being entered via these supplemental fields? I want to check that any item that is checked actually has a cost entered for it.

      Thanks for any help you can provide.

      A Read
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          drewread Level 1
          OK.. so I have figured out the problem with the first part of my question.<br /><br />It seems that there is a bug in the ADDT many-to-many wizzard when there are more than one of them in a form.<br /><br />The first transaction is referred to in all of the code as mtm_<whatever the fields are>, subsequent fields are referred to as mtm1_<whatever the fields are>, mtm2_<whatever the fields are>, etc.<br /><br />It seems that the wizzard does a good job of re-numbering all of these EXCEPT when it comes to the form's boxes name and id for any supplemental fields.  I had to re-number them from mtm_<blah blah> to mtm1_<blah blah> and now they work...<br /><br />Now onto the second part of my question.<br /><br />A Read