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    dependent dropdown list not working on IE6

      Hello guys, been checking for this problem for days i add a dynamic drop down list to my site and apply the dependent dropdown form control, it works great on firefox and Internet explorer 7 but when i test any page i build with this under IE6 it gives a bunch of javascript errors and the list that is child does not work is totaly empty, i notice this today cause some one told me they get a bunch of errors so i took my wife pc and instaled a xp from the start to have the IE6, after that i also downloaded IEtester wich gave me the same errors, then i checked old pages i have made with addt where it uses dependant dropdown list and they all get this error under IE6.

      here is an example of what i mean if any one has IE6 to test it out


      Please if any one knows how to solve this bug please let me know thanks