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    Building a Forum with ADDT

      Hi All again,

      Below is copy of a message that I posted sometime ago and found that this has not worked in my forum.

      Purple Edge helped and the coded works but only for replying to a message thread and not posting a new subject to a topic.

      Purple Edge Code -

      $pkval = $tNG->getColumnValue('id_ForumMsg');
      $query_update_idForumMessageInt = "UPDATE tbl_forummessages
      SET idForumMessageInt = ".$pkval."
      WHERE id_ForumMsg = ".$pkval;$result_update = mysql_query($query);

      adobetutorialz.com Code -

      $pkval = $tNG->getColumnValue('id_msg');
      $query_update_initmsgid = "UPDATE message_msg
      SET id_init_msg = ".$pkval."
      WHERE id_msg = ".$pkval;$result_update = $tNG->connection->execute($query_update_initmsgid);

      As I say Purple Edge's code works great when replying to a message and takes the PK from id_ForumMsg and inserts it into the right rows.

      But when posting a subject to the Topic (Not replying to a message within the topic of a subject)

      It does not get the PK (id_ForumMsg) and inserts it into idForumMessageInt.

      I really don't know what to do now as all my forum is totally out of sync and all subjects are returning results in the same subject because they are all 0 (ZERO).

      Building a Forum with ADDT

      joseph07888 - 09:32am Sep 1, 2008 Pacific

      Hi All,

      I am trying to build a forum using ADDT following the instructions from

      LINK: adobetutorialz.com/articles/671/1/Building-a-Forum-with-Dreamweaver-%96-Part-3%3A-Associa ting-Messages-to-a-Thread

      which used to be on the developer centre but now not?!

      Anyway I have built it word for word but can not get this last bit to work.

      I have noticed that the code in the image and the written code is different and tried it in may ways to make it work.

      Please can someone help me with the right code.

      Or if someone knows of another way to build a forum please let me know.