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    Multiple and Single file upload  issue, weird too...

      Hey guys,

      I.m building my first complex site and I.m stuck at a simple part. I need a multiple file upload. (to be selected from a check box list on a later screen , to be added on discussion board comment as attachments)

      so the multiple file upload screen comes up, I see my file was uploaded in my folders but there is no insert or record button, so my only option is the insert button on the page that launched the multi-up window. Anyhow, nothing is recorded in the database but files are uploaded to the server.

      now the weird part

      so I comprimised and went with a single file upload, easy enough, even figured out the dynamic list "insert" 3 at a time. No biggie, but it does not create my files or folders for my uploaded doc. So the recordset is created but no file uploaded.

      Different results for each one. I know it must be something simple because no one else mentioned this in this forum. What am I missing guys. Thank for your understanding on this simple issue.