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    toJSONString Showing Up in Restrict Access to Page List

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      Working in DW CS3 with ADDT using PHP and MySQL. I'm having a issue which I don't think I had before when I use the Restrict Access to Page server behavior. I'm working with user access levels pulled from the 'levels' field in my database and everything appears to be working as expected. I can select any number of available integers to restrict access to those pages. However, I've noticed that if I go back to edit that list of access levels, a new entry appears below the last integer in the list called "toJSONString". (toJSONString does not show up when I initially add the server behavior, only if I go back in to change it).

      I did a quick search and turned up this info:"The JSONString interface allows a toJSONString() method so that a class can change the behavior of JSONObject.toString(), JSONArray.toString(), and JSONWriter.value(Object). The toJSONString method will be used instead of the default behavior of using the Object's toString() method and quoting the result." Unfortunately, I don't understand any of that.

      I don't know why toJSONString is showing up in the list and if I should be concerned. (Mac OS 10.5.5; DW CS3 (v( Build 3481] and ADDT 1.0.0)