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    Form values not carried over to subsequent recordset displays

      Example page: http://momgreports.rjjacob.com/admin/search_mg_service_test.php
      (Input the name "hruska" and then attempt to get the second page of 30 reults.)

      This is a form which inserts the variable of "last_name" into a query for records from my db. Using the DW CS3 server behaviors, I'm displaying the rows in a table, 30 to a page and have a recordset navigation bar below my results table to advance to subsequent result displays.

      The first 30 results display but when I click the "next" arrow/button to call up the next 30 results, I only get the table headers and the recordset navigation bar. The page says I'm displaying the next 30 results from the db, but they don't show. However, if I re-enter the last name and re-submit, voila, there are my next 30 results.

      I understand why this is happening, but I don't understand the best way to fix it so my recordset paging works without having to resubmit the variable for each subsequent result display. I found an earlier topic, "How to retain form values after a search" which hints at a solution, but I'm not sure how to apply it in my case.

      I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

      Code text file here: http://rjjacob.com/forum/code.txt