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    "Show Thumbnail Function" PHP


      Here's my problem, I'm trying to use the "Show Dynamic Thumbnail" function. The images that I want to create thumbnails from are under a different site.

      Both sites are using the same database and obviously only one set of images exists. I can't seem to be able change the relative path generated into an absolute path. Here's what the code looks like:

      $objDynamicThumb1 = new tNG_DynamicThumbnail("", "KT_thumbnail1");
      $objDynamicThumb1->setResize(156, 0, true);

      Both sites have the exact same directory structure

      The site that has the images is: http://www.dayweitzman.com/

      I can't add absolute path to the "setFolder" in line 2 or Can I?

      Any help would be appreciated