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    Dependant dropdown help ...... auto fill shipping / postagefcost ield in order form

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      Hi there

      hope everybody is well

      i am having some problems with a site I am making ... I have maaaany problems but this is the most urgent

      I have a product order form that has a dropdown menu to chose what area (city) you live in ...... the next field in the form is for the postage cost....
      I know all the postage costs for all the areas in the dropdown menu.....

      What I would like is... when you choose an area (city) (that you would like the product to be delivered to) from the drop down menu .... it auto fills the next field with the correct postage cost.....?

      How would I go about doing this....???

      I am a little confused.....

      Should I have a table that holds all the names of the different areas ... with the associated postage cost in a field of that table or do I need two different tables connected?

      Any help would be great.....

      Have a great day