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    Interface with Flex application via Browser Plugin

      I'm new to Flex so forgive me if this has already been covered. I've created a flex library to expose some methods via ExternalInterface() so that I can communicate with my flex application via javascript. I've used the [Mixin] metatag to expose the interfaces without having to explicitly initiallize the library from within my flex application. The draw back of doing this is that i have to compile the library with my application.

      I was wondering if there was a mechanism that will allow me to load my library without having to change how my flex application is built and deployed. I was looking at the flex plug-in for QTP support and it seems that the browser plugins provide the communication between QTP and the flex application using ExternalInterface() API. If this is true, then I can do the same with my application by creating a browser plugin that contain all the necessary interfaces between my application and the external world.

      Is this possible? If not via a plugin, how can I interface with my Flex application via externalInterface() without having to change how my application is built.