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    Help merge requirements

      We are contemplating moving to Rhelp 7 with a special interest in the project merge feature. The use case we are hoping to satisfy is the following:

      Common UI Framework that accepts unique plug-ins -each plug-in has stand-alone help.
      When user opens UI and help, want ability to display a merged TOC for only those plug-ins that are installed; want ability to search across all help files.

      Does RoboHelp 7 alone satsify this use case; or is Rhelp 7 server required as well?

      Thanks, pat
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Pat

          RoboHelp 7 alone should handle this. There is nothing RoboHelp Server would do that would help.

          If you are deploying a product that is installed to the desktop, you would simply include the help for the modules that are installed. You probably have a person responsible for the installer if this is the case. You would alert them that only the help for purchased modules needs to be installed.

          On the other hand, let's say your product is server based. If this is the case, you will need to restrict access to the help based on the user's login. Assuming this is the case, your developers have already sorted how to restrict access based on some criteria. They would use the same criteria to restrict access to the help as well.

          Hopefully this was helpful... Rick