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    FLEX2 Web Services having binary data result output


      I have WebService which output result into Binary data ( Base64Binary ) nothing but sending image in the form of birnary stream.. I have tested this Web service Microsoft InfoPath and found result satisfactory. InfoPath does produce image on the form.

      How to use the same into FLEX2 Application which render image based on the webservice output binary data stream.

      I tryied to use <MX:IMAGE> but got confused how and which property should be supplied with webservice operation result.

      By the way I have used operation result format "e4x" type.

      Appriciate you response.


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          I've been playing with this same scenario attempting to send an Image as well as a VideoDisplay. As of yet I have had little success. Success in sending out a ByteArray of a complex object which has an Image and VideoDisplay but no luck on its return to the flex app on casting the objects back into an Image and VideoDisplay.

          I'll keep you posted on any progress made. I know in SOAP messages that binary attachments are possible, however with flex 2 there seems to be a limitation on the WebService component and what can be done. It may be possible setting this all up in ActionScript 3, but I haven't attempted that yet.

          Bob I.