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    Downgrade to CS3?

      I recently upgraded from Fireworks MX 2004 to CS4. I absolutely hate the new text engine and was wondering if it's possible to downgrade and use my CS4 serial number with CS3.
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          janericster Level 1
          I think "downgrades" are becoming more popular these days...(Vista to XP.....iMovie08 to iMovie06....etc.)

          I doubt you can install FWCS3 with a FWCS4 serial, but you can certainly call Adobe's customer support to find out if they will send you one.

          I think Adobe should consider posting a free download of FSCS3 that will install with a valid FWCS4 serial number for users to run until Adobe can fix the text engine in CS4...similar to what Apple did with iMovie06.
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            Having the option to downgrade to CS3 for those who purchased an useable CS4 seems only fair.
            Is there an official policy yet? Weeks ago, I suggested many of my co-workers get FW, which currently happens to be CS4, but now reading all the bug reports, what can I do?