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    AS3 project: Array size limitation

    j o e
      It took me tons of hours until I found out, that for sending an array (2 dimensions) as a parameter for a method to another class the array size is pretty restricted. The only way to send those data was to split the array into two arrays and send both as parameters, which is working.
      So - are there any informations about limitations in Actionscript3? Pretty astonsihed, regards,
      J o e
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Do you have any objective (from someone else!) confirmation of your observation/analysis? A quick google did not show me anything, and I do not recall ever hearing of such a limit. And I have been paying attention to such things.

          I do not say your analysis is incorrect, but did you make a small test app that shows this behavior? If so post it.

          But perhaps your issue is something different? I am doubtful of you conclusion, because object arguments(like array) are passed as references, so there should be no size issues at all.

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            j o e Level 1
            Sorry, no co-scripters or pure code of the situation. For being in a hurry I did drop some array elements and the appl. works perfect.
            Thank your for your answer that basically calms me, because the problem might have had some other reason then.
            If you are interested or for knowledge reasons I will try to reset the problems configuration and post it then.
            Regards, J o e
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              j o e Level 1
              oops - double posted...