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    Videos resize to smaller size

    wolfeyes Level 1
      Hi folks. Hoping someone can help me. I use Sorenson Squeeze to convert my videos to .flv files. When I publish my videos to our Adobe(R) Connect(TM) server, the videos resize to a smaller dimension. How can I retain the original video size?
      Thanks much!!
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          Cheeop Level 1
          It's been my experience that both graphics and videos put into the player will appear to get smaller. From what I can tell, they're being resampled to a size that's convenient for the player.

          When I import .swf, I get it at 640x480. Strangely, I then have to shrink the video until the video player box has no white space around the video. When I then view the presentation, the video might be much smaller than, or a bit larger than 640x480, depending on how large the presenter player is...