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    UIScrollBar grip finger

    W_Bell Level 1
      I thought there may be an answer to this poblem with the UIScrollBar or possibly it means a class modification which I don't want o do. Is it not possible to setStyle or something similar to assign the "Finger" pointer when rolling over the "Grip area" of the UIScrollBar?

      I thought maybe I could assign a style to these properties:
      componentInstance.setStyle(propertyName, value)

      The top and left caps of the scroll box (thumb). The default value is ScrollThumbTopUp.

      The middle (expandable) part of the thumb. The default value is ScrollThumbMiddleUp.

      The bottom and right caps of the thumb. The default value is ScrollThumbBottomUp.

      The grip displayed in front of the thumb. The default value is ScrollThumbGripUp.

      Anyone know where to find a list of the setStyles?

      Currenty trying something like: this.style.cursor='pointer'