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    Spyder2express doesn't stick


      A friend of mine just recently lent me his spyder2express monitor color calibrator thinger and I used it on my newly purchased Asus W3J laptop.
      The resulting profile was a lot warmer then what was on it originally.

      My big problem is that the color profile does not stay if I leave my laptop and it goes into sleep mode. If I wake it back up, it defaults to its normal color profile. If I go into Display Options, and switch the resolution, the adjusted color profile comes back.

      Do you guys have any experience with sleep mode on windows XP reseting your color profile?

      Is there a way to just replace the windows default color profile with the one that I've created? so, when it resets, it just resets to the "adjusted".. I'm pretty new to all of this so any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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          I think all you need to do is set the profile as the default in the display properties settings.
          Right click on your desktop (in an empty space) and go to properties. Then go to settings/advanced/color management. Here you should see an option to choose a profile and then set it as the default. Also be sure to hit "apply".

          BTW, I just realized this works with XP - it it's Vista, my directlons may not be accurate.

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            Tim Lookingbill Level 1
            Make sure you do a restart after hitting "apply".

            There's a gamma/LUT loader that has to be activated on retart. This is what I had to do on a friend of mine's Dell WinXP system about a month ago using the Spyder2Pro.
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              Same problem here using vista 64. The profile loads then it switches to some crappy profile. If I then click on the startup profile for he spyder it loads correctly. But any screen saver, game etc will cause it to go back to the bad profile.

              Whats the fix on this>??>
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                dcrebelxt Level 1
                Unfortunately the fix is wait until Microsoft fixes this problem in Vista. Perhaps that fix will also require a software update from calibrator manufacturer too.

                Here's a response I got from Colorvision on the Spyder2/Vista issue:

                > We are assuming that after the monitor calibration is done the profile does not stick.

                > This is a recognized Vista issue. This issue is not caused by the ColorVision application. It is an issue with the Vista OS. This association issue is affecting all color management companies within this arena, not only ColorVision. Our engineers are working with Microsoft to find a solution.
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                  After going through the calibrating process at the very end I got this message, "sorry no calibration data was found in the profile sRGB color space profile for display "default monitor" Please select a different profile using Profile Chooser (1168)" does anyone know what it means? is my monitor calibrated or not???? Thanks