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    Current monitor recommendations

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      I finally need to replace my CRT monitor and (after a lot of reading and not so much understanding) have narrowed my search to 3-4 TFTs, an Eizo CE210W, an NEC 1990SXi or it's cousin SpectraView 1990 or a Quato(graphic) Intelli Color 190. I'd like to continue using my Eye One Display 2 for calibration.

      There's a number of things that puzzle me.

      Is "Hardware-Calibration" mandatory for a banding free calibration? The two NECs fe seem to differ only (apart from the hood) in the SpectraViews ability to be "hardware-calibrated" with the included software. Is it really (physically) doing something different than the cheaper version 1990SXi would do when calibrating it using it's OSD? Both are said to do use "12-Bit LUTs and 12- Bit Gamma Correction (GammaComp)".

      The Quato (at least this one) seems to have a different approach, using a few fine-tuned factory presets instead of whitepoint/gamma calibration. But wouldn't these loosen over the life span of the display? I mean would a D50 2.2 gamma preset still be accurate after three or four years? Some CRTs I've seen would vary a lot in luminance and color balance over time, are TFTs less prone to this?

      The Eizo is using a PVA panel as opposed to the S-IPS panels of the others. What's the difference? I've noticed most higher end displays use some kind of xyz-IPS panel.

      Any hints, input, links etc. appreciated!
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          (Andrew_Rodney) Level 1
          The NEC's are superb (at least my 2690 and 2490) and yes, you want to use the SpectraView II software to conduct all the work internally and use GammaComp and ColorComp.
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            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
            Wow! That's high praise from a most authoritative source. I'm archiving it for when my CRTs need to be replaced.

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              Hm... I finally ordered an Eizo CG210-N because I saw one at a good price. Well... basically because I saw one. The NECs are hard to locate around here. Although I've red the criticism about it's color navigator software in another thread here. I had done some reading, the SpectraView Software is actually bassiccolor's display 4 software. I did like display 4 when I tested that a while ago. But is that using more patches for the hardware calibration than Color Navigator does?
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                >Although I've red the criticism about it's color navigator software
                >in another thread here.

                'it' refers to the Eizo here of course...
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                  (Andrew_Rodney) Level 1
                  >I had done some reading, the SpectraView Software is actually bassiccolor's display 4 software.

                  Not so, SpectraView II is built by NEC. And the cost with the Colorimeter (aprox $200) is a screaming deal when you purchase with the display. A much better bang for the buck than Eizo.
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                    Well, i've downloaded the SpectraView Software here:
                    This software is called SpectraView Profiler 4.1.6. This looks very very very very exactly like the software "display4" you find at http://www.basiccolor.de...
                    Not that this would make it any worse, of course.

                    Or is this a different software from the one you're referring to?

                    Is there anything that should make me cancel my order on that particular Eizo? (Apart from NECs being less pricey in general?)
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                      (Andrew_Rodney) Level 1
                      This site isn't letting me log in so you might need to send me via email a screen shot.

                      Yes, the really big difference is price here. Eizo may preform better (hard to believe) but until I get actual data from Karl Lang who thoroughly tested the NEC's for this session at PPE* (but wasn't supplied displays for testing by Eizo which could be said to raise a red flag), its not clear what Eizo offers at that extra price point.

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                        (Marco_Ugolini) Level 1

                        Do the two NEC models (2490 and 2690) offer DDC connectivity as well? By that I mean, does the SpectraView software have direct control over the LCD display's signals during the calibration procedure?
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                          (Andrew_Rodney) Level 1
                          >Do the two NEC models (2490 and 2690) offer DDC connectivity as well?

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                            >This site isn't letting me log in so you might need to send me via
                            >email a screen shot.

                            I've send you the screenshots of the interface and the first page of the two manuals. They're in german, but illustrate the 'strong similarity'.
                            You may be right, but I've actually paid less than I would have for the SpectraView NEC of the same size. For what it's worth, I'm pretty satisfied so far. The Portrait function is wonderful!
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                              (Andrew_Rodney) Level 1
                              Its not the same software I'm using. I've sent an email to my guy at NEC to see what and why they are different.
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                                Perhaps NEC is including a different software in the US?
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                                  Having worked with the Eizo CG241, CG241W, NEC 2690 and 2490 & the Lacie 526.

                                  Money not being an issue, the Eizo CG241W is the Hands down winner here.
                                  No question about it.
                                  If money is an issue, get the Eizo CG241W anyway because your going to be using it everyday and to save a couple hundred dollars for an everyday tool you will be glued to is just foolish!
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                                    Green Hornet,

                                    did you had a chance to work with the new Samsung XL24 as well?

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