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    Renaming how profiles appear under Proof Setup Menu

      Anyone know how to do this, and safely? (without corrupting the profile)

      Careful: I'm not asking how to create or re-name a custom soft-proofing setup. I'm talking about how to rename the individual .icm or .icc file so that it shows up with a different name at the bottom of the View>Proof Setup menu.

      Doing so via the basic OS-level method (highlight the file's name, control-I, retype name as you wish) makes it appear as you wish in the Mac's Finder window, but NOT within Photoshop itself. For some reason (maybe a good one that I don't realize), even when you rename a file at the OS level, Photoshop still identifies it by the old.

      Need to be able to identify new profiles from within Photoshop, due to vendors who supply vague and misleading names on their own (such as "Tuesday.icc", or some such idiocy).