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    Element 5.0 Color not right

      When I open a picture in Windows XP in "My Pictures" it open with the
      right face color.
      When I open the same picture in Picasa 2, the face color are the same
      as in "My Pictures" OK
      But when I open the same picture in Photo Shop Element 5.0 it has an orange glow to all of the picture.
      Any help would be appreciated
      Please send any help to taujensen@yahoo.com
      Thank you, Tau Jensen.
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          Lou Dina Level 3
          I use PSCS2, not Elements, but it sounds like a sRGB file that has been assigned Adobe RGB. Check your settings in Elements and try making sRGB your color space. I'm not familiar with the Elements settings and options, but that is likely the problem.

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            Thank you, for replying.
            I am kind new at this, it is going over my head.
            Do you think you could walk me through this???
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              Lou Dina Level 3
              Sorry, Tau, but I don't have or use PS Elements. I have PSCS2 and they are different in this regard.

              Perhaps an Elements user can help you, or you can try posting on the Adobe PS Elements forum. Ask about how to set up the color settings so that your file displays properly.

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                Picassa2 and most browsers are not Colour Managed. Photoshop including Elements is a Colour Managed program. The significance being that Elements attempts to render the colours on screen correctly according to something known as a Monitor Profile and the Colour Profile of your image. These are used by the program to translate the colour numbers from your image to those needed by the screen to get the colours looking right.

                If your Monitor Profile is not accurate then this translation may go wrong and the colours may not look right. This may be your case.

                Picassa2 doesn't use the Monitor Profile and as it happens the colour numbers in your image may be approximately right for your screen without any translation.

                When ever problems like this occur you should Calibrate and Profile your monitor using something like a Huey, Eye-one or Spyder. These devices actually measure the output of your monitor to make an accurate profile. Unfortunately these cost money, so in the first case you could try and make sure that you have run any installation disk that came with your monitor as this may install a generic Monitor Profile. This wont make any difference to Picassa but may help Elements.

                Within Elements there are 4 options available under Edit>Colour Settings:-

                1. No Colour Management - I wouldn't really advise using this one but if you do it should make your images look like you see them in Picassa - but only if your images are in a Colour Space called sRGB. Other Colour Spaces could well come out wrong.

                2. Optimise for Screen - if your image has a Colour Space (e.g sRGB) then this setting has no effect. If your image doesn't include a Colour Space then Elements assigns sRGB to it - which may be right or wrong. New documents created in Elements get to be in sRGB

                3. Optimise for Print - same as #2 but substitute AdobeRGB for sRGB.

                4. Allow me to Choose - if your image doesn't have a Colour Space then you get a warning and can choose from sRGB or AdobeRGB.

                If you are new to this then I would recommend choosing Option 2. You could of course use Option 1 - No Colour Management - to get the same appearance as Picassa but you may then have problems later with some other images.

                Hope this helps.

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                  Thank you, so much.
                  I do apprisiate you time and effort
                  Tau Jensen
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                    I found out my problem, it is my monitor.
                    It is OK because, I am getting a new monitor anyway.
                    But one more time, thank you for your time.
                    Tau Jensen.
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                      I'm glad you've found the problem.

                      Good luck with the new monitor.