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    Eye One Monitor with NEC 2690, SpectraView combination?

      I need to equip a new MacPro for my retouching business. I am considering the NEC 2690. I saw the version that comes equipped with the calibration device and SpectraView software. I was wondering if I could use my existing Eye One Monitor calibrator, and purchase the NEC LCD2690WUXI-BK (which is the version without the software and calibrator), and then buy the SpectraView software separately.

      There isn't much price difference ($100) if I go this way, but I have been happy with the results that I get with the Eye One Monitor.

      Does anyone know if the Eye One Monitor that I have is better or worse than the one that would come with the NEC 2690? I think that it is an X-Rite/Eye One unit also.

      I did send the Eye One Monitor to X-Rite for recalibration and a small repair, and I received a brand new unit.


      John Hill