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    PDF Export settings in InDesign (color)


      I was wondering which colour management settings to use when I export an InDesign CS3 document to a pdf (for press output).

      This is the situation. I create an InDesign document in cmyk-working space X (in this case Fogra27 (Europe Prepress)). I add a few photos (prepared in Photoshop and in Photoshop converted to cmyk-working space X again). Illustrator files are also natively created in the same cmyk-space X.

      When I export this to pdf I use the following color output setting:
      color conversion: no color conversion
      Profile inclusion policy: Include all profiles.

      This way, I think, the pdf embeds all profiles and does no conversion. If I send it to a printing shop that uses colour management itself, things should work out fine. Am I right in thinking this?