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    Assistance in creating a simple document

      I need to make a document with embedded fonts, 300 dpi with rint resolution settings. Can anyone give me guidance? I have tried to find out where to put in the color pms 1255. Guess you can tell that I am new to this program, actually I am sitting in for someone and this was an unexpected project. Thanks! Brenda
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          John Danek Level 4
          Look for "Document Setup" typically in the "File" menu, but in more recent applications, could be in the appearance and/or print settings. Also, look for "Raster" settings. Typical print work should be setup as follows: print/output resolution = 2540dpi, Raster resolution 300ppi. Spot color swatches can be loaded by opening your "Window" menu > Swatch Libraries > Pantone ( coated or uncoated or matte ). Select 1255 and it will or should be added to your color palette automatically. Choose CMYK as the document's color space under the File or Edit menus ( depending on which program you're using and which version it is. Good luck.
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            (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
            To give more specific advice you will need to tell us what program you
            are using!

            Aandi Inston