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    Calibration error with ColorVision Spyder2express

      Need help:

      I have a ColorVision Spyder Express which I have had for over a year.

      Also have a eMac Computer.

      I have calibrated my computer at least 5 successful times.

      Today - the first calibration (after a 3 months) I received no indication of an error. However, the colour of photos in Lightroom were very bright ( faces had a sort of an orange tinge)

      I thought I would undertake another calibration. This time I received the following message:

      " Sorry, there was a problem calculating the correction curve for the display"

      As Photoshop Elements on opening also provided me with the following message:

      " The monitor profile "Spyder2express" appears to be defective. Please rerun your monitor calibration"

      This I did - However, the same message as the first message came up re-error.

      Not only that - all the colours on computer have gone ballistic. The Photos in Lightroom are unable to be reviewed as they seem to look like negatives, but in colour. The colours on the desktop and mail have gone the brightest colours. like shocking pink and psychodelic.

      Hopefully somebody will come up with a way to remedy this problem.

      By way I have the monitor on for at least an hour prior to calibration in the correct Lighting conditions specified in User Guide.

      thank you