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    Help please. Vista / CS3 Color Managment issue. Going nuts...

      Hi all.
      I'm in desperate need for some assistance since time is running out on a project that needs Powerpoint.

      If I use color management in Bridge and look at my NEF and Jpegs they look somewhat desaturated and lacking vibrance as in comparison to another program, like AcdSee.

      When i open up in Camera Raw, and then Photoshop, it looks the same. But hwen I copy to Powerpoint - it looks very vibrant and with a lot of saturation, luminance and hue. But it looks much better "eyecatching".

      If I shut of color correction in Bridge, then the picture looks just as vibrant and nice as the end result in powerpoint and it looks just as good as in AcdSee! But the steps in between, that is Camera Raw and Adobe looks awful, and I'm supposed to make some color adjustments etc, making it absolutely impossible to know what the end resutl will be, since the color management is ON in Camera Raw and Photoshop.

      I've callibrated my monitor, spyder3, I've set Adobe Bridge to use CS3 for monitor. I've tried alternating between Adobe RGB and sRGB. I've tried everything there is, but the colors in Camera Raw and Phtoshop are very wrong in relation to the end result. Can I shut down color management in Photoshop? Change it to Vista's? I know Adobe is right at the end of the day, it just doesn't work with the end result!

      To add on to this, I've tried AcdSee and colors are correct in the RAW format. Thus, they don't have the same color correction and this looks exactly like the end result in the powerpoint.