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    Ai Preview vs Change of Document Mode

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      I'm experimenting with color in Ai and Ps.

      For this experiment my RGB working space is my monitor RGB space.

      I know that's not recommended in general, but this is an experiment only.

      I open a CMYK jpeg in Ai and it shows "CMYK/Preview". I assume
      that means that the CMYK numbers are being translated into the
      RGB numbers of my monitor space for display purposes. I cannot
      find any substantial specification of what it means, so that's
      what I'm guessing at the moment.

      I open the same jpeg in PS and the on-screen colors are not the
      same. However, if I change the document mode in Ai to RGB, then
      the colors do match.

      So my question is: both changing the document mode and previewing
      in CMYK mode involve a translation into my monitor RGB space. What
      is different about the two translations that results in different
      on-screen results?

      I'm having to guess quite a bit here, which is regrettable. Sadly
      the Ai and Ps documentation is wafer thin. There are no weighty
      technical specifications for the color management that I can find.

      I'm an engineer, so feel free to throw any math you like my way :)