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    Spyder makes the color space too small


      I just bought a NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi monitor which has a fairly large color space. Then I made a monitor profile for it using the spyder2pro. There is also an original icm profile for the monitor which I downloaded on the NEC website, and this one is distinctly larger than my spyder-made profile. I was looking forward to having a monitor which can display 95% of the Adobe RGB color space, but once I calibrate the monitor the profile doesn't even cover the sRGB space, it's simply too small.

      I saw the difference on a website called iccview.de (unfortunately it's in German) where you can upload your profiles and compare them to standard profiles in form of 3D graphics.

      Without calibrating the monitor at all I could see a lot of amazing colors, but it was also definitely too saturated and unbalanced, ecpecially in the reds. So does this mean you have the choice between a large color space but colors out of control on the one side - and well-balanced colors but smaller color space on the other? Is the spyder to blame?

      I use Windows XP Home and a GeForce 6600 GT.

      Thanks in advance for your time