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    Web design > 8 bit or 32 bit colors?


      I just wanted to know if i were to design a site in 8 bit, would i be able to easily convert to 32 bit colors? Or if it was a 32 bit psd, what would the color difference be to the naked eye if i "downgrade" it to 8 bit through photoshop settings?

      I'm just worried that if the client has 32bit colors images, then it wouldnt be able to look as good if i place them in my 8bit file.

      One of the client's requirements for this web project is 32 bit colors. So i'm really kinda stumped on this. 32 bit is running too slow on my computer.
      Besides what i've understand from searching online is that it applies more for photos?

      Can someone advise me?
      Thank you very much in advance.