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    Calibration software for Vista64?

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      I've begun experimenting with running Photoshop CS3 with Vista64 to see that works and what does not. One of the things that's very important is the ability to profile my monitor and for that I've used Monaco OptixXR Pro software with a DTP94 puck. While the software will not run under Vista64 it seems that I can keep the puck and buy software such as ColorEyes Pro.

      I installed the demo version and after a few installation issues I did manage to get it to work with Vista64. Are there other products out there that I should consider? I've heard good things about Bestcolor but their product does not seem to be Vista64 compatible.


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          Hey, Russell, I have been having same problem with LaCie Blue Eye Pro calibrator and software. LaCie says won't work in 64 bit Vista, only 32 bit. Some old postings on other sites say that Blue Eye is a rebranding of Eyeone, so their soft ware should work, but I have not tested that or found any newer verifications of this. I understand the Huey system will work in 64 bit systems, but unable to verify on Huey site. Maybe only Pro version. Many of these are Vista compatible, but not 64 bit Vista, which most decline to mention. I will keep an eye on this forum to see if we get any good input on this. Haven't gotten much from other sites.

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            I bought ColorEyes Pro and it works fine with my DTP94. You should check their site to see if your's is also supported. They say: Coloreyes Display Pro supports most instruments, including DTP-94, ColorVision Spyder2, Eye One Display2, Pro, Photo. They have a demo version you can try before you buy.