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    Internal or External?

      I have a Coloredge CE210W, a really excellent monitor in my opinion! my question is should I continue to use the internal calibration system with my Eye One, as I am doing now or use the "external" Eye One software?

      Will one give a better profile/calibration than the other?


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          please read this diagonally:

          In my humble opinion, the monitor-internal
          calibration (10 bpc LUTs) isn't visually
          better than the external graphics-card
          calibration (8bpc LUTs).
          I'm preferring the conventional=external
          calibration because I can then switch between
          D65 and D50 without touching the monitor.

          Monitor banding is an indicator for a bad
          graphics workflow (besides a very wrong adjust-
          ment). It doesn't help to use a monitor with
          less banding when it comes to the printing
          of synthetical gradient patterns on an 8 bpc
          printer. One has to make the source graphic
          more robust, for instance by adding noise.

          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann
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            Thanks for your "humble" opinion, it is valued by many I am sure!

            just a couple of things, in your "diagonal" read you say

            "Please check the monitor profile in Photoshop's
            color settings.
            Your last profile should be there, otherwise
            PhS doesn't know it. "

            Just where is the mon profile shown in CS2, I couldn't find mine but I assume CS2 has found it as mon image to print OP is OK

            How would one check monitor banding?



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              you'll find the monitor profile mentioned here:

              Photoshop CS2 > Edit > Color Settings > RGB
              Open list with right arrow
              Go to top of list
              In row 6: Monitor RGB - ...
              IMO, it's always sRGB if no monitor profile is
              available, but I didn't test this.

              Tests for monitor banding require test images,
              for instance here on p.16 ..:
              My docs are always optimized for 72ppi (in Prof.Acrobat
              Edit > Preferences > Page Display: choose 72 ppi).
              Recommended zoom=200% says: the test image was created
              with 144 ppi.

              This might be helpful as well (concept for CRT monitors):

              Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann
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                Found it! and it shows my latest mon profile. I will check out the banding later, my granddaughters are here.........

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                  Granddaughters have now gone home.........

                  My CE 210W does not show any signs of banding on yr charts so a good sign I think

                  I have another question but I will post as a separate topic

                  Thanks for yr help



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