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    need profile DoneRGB


      ineed download profile DoneRgb

      is anebady now were?

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          Lou Dina Level 3
          Here is the link.


          There are some other working spaces there too.

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            thanks, lou!

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              Al Ferrari Level 1
              Hi Lou,

              Have you had much experience with that wide gamut DonRGB? I work from time to time on reproducing watercolor art of flowers that often has bright colors that just don't make it to CMYK, especially blues. I wonder if I would have more success by scanning raw followed by assigning the scanner profile and converting to DonRGB before converting to CMYK.

              Tips and suggestions welcomed.

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                Lou Dina Level 3
                Hi Al. It's been awhile. Hope you are well.

                Personally, I am not a fan of wide gamut spaces. With very rare exceptions, I use only 3 color spaces....sRGB for my average images, Adobe RGB for my more colorful images, and sometimes PhotoGamut RGB.

                Photogamut is unlike any of the standard working profiles. First, it is table based instead of matrix based. It is perceptually uniform and retains the R=G=B=neutral property. It was designed specially for printed output and generally covers the gamut of ALL hard copy output devices, including press, inkjet, lightjet, laser, dye sub, etc. It is wider than Adobe RGB by far in printable colors, but unlike super wide editings spaces (e.g., ProPhoto) it doesn't have endpoints that extend into the stratosphere.

                In fact, it is shaped like a typical printer space, only a little larger, so it has very gentle transitions to your print space. It's only shortcoming is that it clips the highlights a little compared to matrix spaces, but this is appropriate for printed output. If you don't care about the extra snap for web or email display, and you primary concern is printing, then Photogamut is a great space. It is not widely used, so may not be the best choice if you plan to share files with people who are semi-clueless about color management, but if you are using it for the best printed output in your own environment, I strongly suggest you check it out.

                Do a search for PhotoGamut RGB and you will be led to a site where you can download it for free. It has all the advantages of wide gamut spaces without the baggage.

                One more thing....if you shoot RAW and convert using lightroom or ACR, use ProPhoto for your initial space to get it into Photoshop. Then, convert to Photogamut RGB. Since Photogamut is a table based editing space, it supports both perceptual and relative colorimetric rendering, so you can convert from ProPhoto to Photogamut and get great results. And PG covers the entire printable range of colors nicely, so you get the best of both worlds.

                Try it, you'll like it.