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    Grayscale Images Colorized in InDesign Don't Print Properly

    It'sNotMyFault Level 1
      Hi, we're having trouble getting proper color output when we colorize grayscale TIF files in InDesign CS3.

      We have just a couple basic grayscale TIF files, no transparency, saved with or without embedded profiles (Dot Gain 20%).

      We add a foreground and background color to these in InDesign using process colors (no spots). These colors should, and need to, match a couple large swatches of these colors elsewhere on the document.

      When we check the colors using Separations Preview, the numbers on the light and dark parts of the image are identical to the process colors they should be. They look correct on screen (with or without Overprint Preview).

      We usually print using 'Postscript Printer Determines Color' and let our RIP determine color settings (we have a Doc12 w/ Splash RIP). We tried many different settings on the RIP, no luck. We also tried printing using 'Let InDesign Determine Colors'. No luck. The colors are just slightly off. (ie - 0, 30, 100, 0 looks almost like pure yellow, much brighter).

      If I export to a PDF and print, it looks correct. If I make a CMYK version of the photo in Photoshop and use a gradient map to apply the same colors, it prints correctly.

      - ANY IDEAS???

      Thanks a lot.