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    Colorsync utility problems

    jpro2007 Level 1
      I'm trying to get my printing straightened out on a 10.4.11 system that has been updated from 10.3.9.

      Printing was perfect on 10.3.9, but is not good from the Adobe apps on 10.4.11. I put off upgrading to 10.4 as long as I could, because I knew so many folks had so many issues... I finally had to upgrade, and now I am hit.

      My printer is an epson R2400. Prints are as expected from a MacBook Pro that has never been upgraded from one system to the next, and also from a test installation of 10.4.11 on a brand new hard drive. It is only the upgraded (via archive and install) system that I can't get straightened out.

      Chromix is making some custom profiles for me, and they had me go into colorsync utility to assign Generic RGB as the default profile for the printer. Problem is, the R2400 is listed 3 separate times in Colorsync utility, although it is only listed once in Printer SetUp utility and in System preferences under printing and fax.

      Resetting the printing system doesn't clear this up, nor does uninstalling the driver and reinstalling.

      I don't know for certain that this is the cause of my color management issues, but it certainly does not seem desirable. The systems on the machines that print correctly do not have duplicate instances of the printer listed in colorsync utility.

      I am not able to set a default printer in Colorsync utility, presumably due to this problem. This is the only printer installed, and it is listed as default the other 2 places.

      An archive and install did not fix the issue.

      Any idea on how to clear this up short of totally starting over with a fresh installation, from scratch? the printers are listed with unique ID's in Colorsync utility, but I don't know how to run anything down from there.
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          John Danek Level 4
          I wonder if your Epson disks allow for an uninstall ( where the previouse install and it components are removed from the system )? Or, wouldn't Chromix be of some assistance? Or, what about Epson support? I've run into issues with my HP Designjet where HP no longer updates the driver(s), instead new drivers are now found in OSX10.5., like it ( the drivers ) are now part of the system software. I realize this isn't your case, but it just goes to show you what direction things are going in. Isn't there a generic RGB available besides the Epson references? Like, Adobe RGB?
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            jpro2007 Level 1
            Chromix took me as far as they could. The tech support guy had not seen this before. I have found a couple of references to it, with this printer, in a Google search, but no solution.

            I stated that uninstalling and reinstalling the Epson driver did not fix the problem.

            I've considered trying epson support, but have found them to not be helpful in the past, so haven't tried them yet whith this issue. I probably will if this forum cannot help me, but I don't hold a lot of hope for that route.

            Generic RGB is a specific profile that needs to be enabled, I cannot substitute a different one. Besides, I have found it and I have enabled it. I think the problem may be that it is enabled 3 times.
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              Level 1
              Why are you using ColorSync?

              Where are you setting up the CONVERSION from Source Space to Print Space?

              You failed to mention what versions of what Adobe applications you are printing from, why?

              You do not mention anything about your workflow settings (or even how the problem looks in the printed proof)...
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                jpro2007 Level 1
                I am not printing with colorsync color management, rather I am using colorsync *utilty* to correct a misapplied color profile in the driver.

                This is documented a few places on the web, and it is Chromix's answer to incorrect prints from ALL the Adobe applications... in my case, PS 7, and ALL CS2 and CS3 suite applications. Very specifically, the print error happens with Photoshop 7 and CS2 and CS3, and Illustrator CS2 and CS3, and InDesign CS2 and CS3. The solutions it to be certain that in your print stream, when you check the details of how the print is being sent, that colorsync is set to standard conversion, generic RGB profile, no quartz filter. The way you typically mange this, if the wrong RGB profile is showing, is by resetting it in ColorSync utility.

                I am printing a a profiling target, so I am not setting up a conversion from source space to print space. I am sending with color management off.

                The reason I didn't mention my workflow settings is that is not the question. The question is how to get rid of the spare printer instances in colorsync utility, becasue i think they are hosing my otherwise correct color settings.

                My target print looks like it is being color managed incorrectly, even though all color management is disabled in the Photoshop print dialog and in the print driver. The colors are the correct hue, but they are much too dark.

                Chromix has a little application you can print the targets from. Photoshop (all versions) on the system with the colorSync utility problem prints the target too dark compared to the Chromix utility, or to Photoshop on two other systems I have with no colorSync utility duplication of printers.

                Again, I am not looking for help with my printing workflow, because that is not the question or problem. My prints are correct on other systems with the same version of software and the same print settings, as long as I can make the needed correction in Colorsync utility first.

                the question is how to reset colorsync utility, or otherwise troubleshoot the erroneous feedback it is giving me..
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                  Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                  What is "a misapplied color profile in the driver"?
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                    jpro2007 Level 1
                    Hi Ramón

                    links to this forum from outside seem not to work, but I'll try it anyway


                    The Epson printers seem to default to selecting the "standard" profile for a given printer, in my case SPR 2400 Standard.

                    That doesn't cause a problem if the printer in question is set to be the default. If the printer is not set to be the default printer, the recommended fix is to switch Generic RGB instead of SPR 2400 Standard.

                    My ColorSync utility is giving me a number of bad reports. It shows 3 instances of my printer, even though only one driver is installed. It also shows an old printer that is not installed, and hasn't been for 3 years. The colorsync utility is supposed to allow you to set default printer, but that is not available in my ColorSync utility.

                    Since printing is working correctly on another machine, and on another boot drive for this same machine, I suspect these colorsync utility errors may be indicative of a real problem here.

                    I would like to try to correct the errors on this system in ColorSync utility before I give up and totally reinstall the system from scratch.
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                      Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                      Sorry, I can't make any sense of your posts in this thread. :/

                      >The colorsync utility is supposed to allow you to set default printer,

                      What on Earth are you talking about? You appear to be confusing the Printer Setup Utility with the ColorSync utility.

                      I'm confused by other stuff in your posts as well.
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                        jpro2007 Level 1
                        Did you read the post I linked to above?

                        It sounds as though you have no specific familiarity with the ColorSync utility, which is okay, but will probably mean you cannot help with this specific issue.

                        There are 3 places to set the default printer: Printer SetUp Utility, Sytem Preferences > Print & Fax, and ColorSync Utility.

                        ColorSync Utility is the only one malfunctioning on my system.
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                          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                          > Did you read the post I linked to above?

                          No, and I don't plan to. Sorry. :/

                          You are right in one thing: I do stay the hell away from ColorSync, unless I want to compare the outlines of two different profiles for illustration purposes. So, yes, consider me withdrawn from this thread.

                          Thanks for the illumination.
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                            jpro2007 Level 1
                            When it's broken, it has to be fixed. As long as your installation is not broken, you will do fine ignoring it.

                            Fortunately I have other systems on which it is not broken, so I am able to print, just not from my preferred system.
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                              Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                              A ColorSync workflow in general, not just the utility, is best avoided. I stick to ACE (Adobe Color Engine).
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                                jpro2007 Level 1
                                I'm not using a colorsync workflow, I am using ACE, letting Photoshop (or Illustrator or InDesign) manage color, and turning color management off in the printer driver. But something is messed up on my system that is interfering with the proper execution of the process.

                                You would have to read the link I posted to get the background, but since you are not interested, you will not know what I am talking about.
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                                  Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                  No, I won't. So I'll shut up now.
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                                    Level 4
                                    Jean I think your problem is you are mixing RGB spaces.

                                    If you work in Adobe RGB that is what you need to translate from. and instead of choosing a generic R2400 driver choose a profile that is for a specific paper and you will have much better luck. also you need to designate that paper in the Epson dialog as well.
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                                      jpro2007 Level 1
                                      Buko, you too are totally misreading my post.

                                      But thanks for trying.

                                      my color managed printing is correct except on 2 user accounts (on one machine) that spanned an upgrade from 10.3 to 10.4. Those 2 accounts have something botched up in some color settings somewhere that interferes with correct color managed printing.

                                      I reset my printing system and did an archive and install, and now any new accounts I set up on that same machine can print correctly, so I'm good. In the mean time, I did my printing from my laptop, which was not messed up.

                                      I find it bothersome that my ColorSync Utility still thinks I have 4 printers installed that are not installed, and I wonder if this was the cause of the issue to begin with, but it may not have been.

                                      My new Chromix profile is working fine, but I would still like to know how to reset ColorSync Utility to get rid of the spare printers.
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                                        If you have updated to Leopard, you will see that part of this problem has been fixed in the Colorsync Utility. You can now change the profiles, and it applies the changes. However, default printer box is still grayed on mine, don't know what it will do for yours!

                                        Hope that you get this, as it has been almost a year.