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    RGB Working Color SPace ....

    Michael Tissington Level 1
      I'm very confused with this stuff ...

      I read that when we setup Photoshop we should set the working color space
      rgb to Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB .... fine I understand this up to a point.

      However what happend if the monitor can not display the color space ?

      For example when I display the Color Picker on my external NEC monitor
      everything always looks good but on my internal laptop monitor there is
      banding in the Color Picker.

      If I set the working color space to srgb then the banding disapears.

      So just how should I set all this up ?
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          rely on a calibrated precision monitor (not the laptop),
          define all images by AdobeRGB and improve them by Levels,
          Curves and Sharpening.
          Check occasionally by Proof Colors / Gamut Warning
          (using the monitor profile) whether the colors are out
          of gamut for the monitor.
          The monitor is probably not the final output device.
          If the output device should be e.g. offset ISOCoated,
          then check by Proof Colors / Gamut Warning whether the
          colors are out of gamut for ISOCoated. If this should
          be the case, then modify the RGB source until only small
          parts of the image are out of gamut (yellow blossoms).
          Otherwise larger parts might be affected by posterization
          (blue sky).

          Theoretically one can use 'desaturate by 20%', which should
          show larger space colors mapped to the smaller space.
          I don't use it, I'm preferring the gamut warning - recently
          for a couple of landscape photos with very blue skies,
          yellow blossoms and orange sunsets.

          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann