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    Pantone 2563 in Color Bridge Book (UK)

      Hi there,
      Can anyone help me please, please, please...

      I have a logo that I need to show all the conversions for in: Pantone (2563), CMYK, RGB & Hex.

      All I need to know is what the Pantone Color Bridge book says but my manager has lost my book (and annoyingly hasn't replace it yet, even though I've waited six months!) so I am having great difficulty in knowing if my conversions are correct.

      If someone out there could help me by literally telling me what the book says for Pantone 2563 then I would be most grateful as at the moment I am pulling out my hair!

      Thank you.
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          you want consistent colors as Spot, in CMYK and in RGB.
          The color is defined as Pantone Coated spot ink 2563C.
          Right ?

          1. Define in Photoshop your RGB space, for instance sRGB.
          2. Define in Photoshop your CMYK space, for instance ISO Coated.
          3. Define as well a Gray TRC, maybe Black Ink ISO Coated
          (can be explained later, TRC=tone reproduction curve,
          a better substitute for a single dot gain number).
          4. Define as well a Spot TRC, maybe Black Ink ISO Coated.
          5. Save these settings (any name)as sRGB-ISO-ISO-ISO.csf
          6. Synchronize by CS# Bridge.

          How to get the numbers:
          Photoshop / Color Picker / Color Libraries / Pantone Coated 2563C.
          Read the Lab numbers: L=70, a=24, b=-24. These are independent
          of RGB and CMYK choices. Absolute references.
          Back to Color Picker / Read CMYK values / Read RGB values /
          Read hex values for RGB (used in HTML, practically only for sRGB).

          Why is this workflow better than taking the numbers from a
          printed or digital swatch book ?
          Because the CMYK numbers are valid for a SPECIFIED printing
          process (your choice), which contains inks, paper and dot gain.

          How to check the conversion quality/robustness:
          Fill a rectangle by 2563C or simply by the Lab color.
          View / Proof colors for ISO Coated / Gamut warning: no problem.
          View / Proof colors for sRGB / Gamut warning: no problem.

          Result: this spot color can be printed by spot ink, by CMYK
          ISO Coated and it can be reproduced nicely on monitors which
          are near to sRGB.

          If the percentages for Y and K (for the example 2563C) should
          be very low , then I would try to replace these values by 0.
          For ISO Coated these values are 0.

          Hopefully I understood your task correctly.

          Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann
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            that is really really great I was looking for this very information thank you a heaps I have just started forking for a print company  in the outdoor banners section and at this stage a bit confused about the color codes.