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    Two Monitor Profiles for the same monitor Or Not?

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      Hallo, I am new to this forum because I never knew that Adobe had a forum. I have a syder3 pro and am not having much success with my interaction with datacolour. Below is the question that I have tried to get answered from them. I have the iMAC osx10.4 and work within photoshop as a photographer. But I do not have the luxury of being able to sort out the average home non-office type lighting that one gets. window during the day, lights during the evening. All the theory that I have read is great, but for a lot of people un-workable I'm sure. I have read a hundred different theories about even how to set up the spyder3 pro from NATIVE WHITE POINT to 6500k to 5500k to quoting luminance values ranging from 70 to 150. All I can say is this, in the evening if I work to datacolours recommendations that I will be editing OUT blues etc. The monitor asks for 5800 K in the evening. 6500K during the day except first thing in the morning a few hours after sunrise. Do I adjust the luminance bar to slightly ABOVE or BELOW the target asked for when I can not get it in the middle? These are things that Datacolour does not help you with and it is frustrating.

      Quote: "Thankyou that you have replied. Please let me just explain my situation again and start again. I CAN NOT work in a controlled ambient light environment. The spyder3 pro asks for 6500K by day and always in the evening 5800K. I knew this would happen, if I edit my photos in the evening with 6500k then I edit things like taking TOO MUCH blue out of my sea and sky etc. This is because the monitor has a warmer colour. My question is this: One of your technicians in your office told me to kep the monitor always profiled to 6500k - BUT this is WRONG, I am a photographer, as I said I CAN NOT control the lighting around me, it is not bright, it is sensible and nothing
      points at the screen. BUT I NEED TO WORK EVENING AND DAYTIME. Do I have TWO monitor profiles ? OR is it more better to keep the 6500k and then re-callibrate by simply adjusting the backlight? Or should I re-callibrate from a complete beginninng for the two different times of the day"? Unquote.