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    Illustrator CS3 Not Embedding Useful CMYK Profile?

      This is weird, I was having problems with the way QuarkXpress (v7.3) was displaying 2 vector eps files I created in Illustrator (both CMYK + PMS Spot). After testing/researching I discovered that Illustrator refuses to embed a usable CMYK color profile in .ai, .eps, or .pdf files as tested so far. In Bridge, if you look at an eps file created by Photoshop, it clearly shows the color profile and resolution, but not so with files created by Illustrator. It's the same in Quark, when importing the image, the import dialog shows no color profile or resolution information for the files created by Illustrator. Has anyone got a solution to this? I'm on Mac OSX 10.4.11 btw.
      John nova62400