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    Help! difficulties in using colorimeter

      I have a 24 inch Imac

      Recently purchased over the net from Adorama the eye-one display 2 colorimeter.

      The first time I used it, no difficulties, but now very frustrated.

      I have even uninstalled the software and re-installed hoping the problem would rectify.

      The difficulty is that within the wizard interface of Eye-One match, the dialogue box is greyed out - thus I am unable to proceed in producing a profile .

      Hopefully a eye-one display 2 owner can assist with some advice -

      The reason why I bought a colorimeter is that SuperCal is for reason providing me with green looking print outs of information and tutorials from my computer ( have not as yet dared to print my photos ) - would someone have an answer for this as well?

      All round I seem to be having no luck.

      I would be very grateful if somebody can solve my difficulties.

      thank you