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    Set monitor to manufacturers defaults before monitor calibration

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      Hi, I just want to be absolutley sure here about something. I am wishing to do a complete fresh calibration of my monitor with spyder3 pro. When you calibrate for the first time you are asked to set the monitor back to default settings. In my IMAC under Preferences-Display-Colour-Profiles associated with this display one is given two choices, either Apples 1.8 or s'RGB (i know I have others when I untick that little box, I originally set my monitor back to 1.8, I had done my own calibration at 2.2 before i invested in the spyder software, so i went ahead and re-set the monitor to this profile since this was how it was shipped).

      Was this the correct thing to do, if so, when I wish to RE-CALIBRATE, that is NOT CHECK THE CALIBRATION for accuracy, but to do a new calibration. Should I keep setting this monitor back to its default settings. Have I done the right thing?